October 1st
Picture Day for School
October 4th
Pickle Sales  $1 each  Hot/Regular Pickles
October 10th
"Fire Prevention - Puppet Show" 9:30 am  for Pre K - 3rd Grades
October 11th
Popcorn Sale  50 cents per bag
October 14th
Indigenous People Day (Columbus Day) -  No School / District Closed
October 17th
Pickle Sales $1 each  Hot/Regular Pickles
October 18th
Parent/Teacher Conferences - No School for Students
October 21-25
RED RIBBON WEEK - See list of activities below
October 28th
PLC Day - All Day - No School for Students
October 31st 
Halloween Class Parties - 1:30 pm
Jennifer Griego
The beginning of the school year always marks a time of promise and possibility.  Mesa View returns with a talented staff and a supportive community that believes in building relationships to  strengthen our extraordinary partnership. All of our efforts directly support the positive experience of our students, and our goal is to provide a phenomenal environment in which all students can flourish, achieving academic excellence, becoming emotionally and physically stronger, and amplify their genius.

Contact Info: 400 Washington Grants, New Mexico  87020
Phone: 505-285-2717 Fax: 505-285-2725

Character Counts


Oct. 21 - Monday
Team Up Against Drugs!
Wear Favorite Sport Apparel

Oct. 22 - Tuesday
Give Drugs the Boot!
Wear Your Favorite Boots

Oct. 23 - Wednesday
Don't Get Mixed Up in Drugs!
Mix Match Day

Oct. 24 - Thursday
Lei Off Drugs!
Wear Favorite Hawaiian Apparel
"Spirit Assembly" 
Grants Fire & Grant Police
"Viking Cheer Leading" Squads

Oct. 25 - Friday
RED Day!
Everyone Wear Red

Mesa View Elementary
Pre K Classes
Our Pre K classes have several openings for new students.
If you have a child who is 4 years old as of September 1st! 
Come and see us to enroll them today! 
Birth Certificate
Current Immunization Records
Proof of Residency 
Certificate of Indian Blood (Native American)