November 1st
Pickle Sales  $1 each Hot/Regular Pickles
November 5th
Parent Math Night 5:30 - 6:30 pm 
November 8th
Popcorn Sales - .50 cents per bag
November 11th
Veteran's Day - Thank a Veteran for their service!!!
No School - District Closed
November 15th
Pickle Sales $1 each Hot/Regular Pickles
PTO "Bingo Basket" @ Elks Lodge 6:00-9:00
November 20th
District Cup Stacking Competition @ MVES  9:00 am
November 21st
Thanksgiving Lunch Day - By Ticket ONLY
November 22nd
Popcorn Sales .50 cents per bag
November 25-29
Thanksgiving Break

Jennifer Griego
The beginning of the school year always marks a time of promise and possibility.  Mesa View returns with a talented staff and a supportive community that believes in building relationships to  strengthen our extraordinary partnership. All of our efforts directly support the positive experience of our students, and our goal is to provide a phenomenal environment in which all students can flourish, achieving academic excellence, becoming emotionally and physically stronger, and amplify their genius.

Contact Info: 400 Washington Grants, New Mexico  87020
Phone: 505-285-2717 Fax: 505-285-2725

Character Counts

            RED RIBBON WEEK

Oct. 25 - Friday
RED Day!
Everyone Wear Red

To end our fantastic Red Ribbon week all students and staff participated in our Red Day picture!!!

Mesa View's 
Viking Cheerleaders
"First Performance"

Perfect Attendance
Monthly Winners!!!

Ms. Brandy's 2nd Grade Class - 9 days
Mrs. Ratliff's 5th Grade Class - 7 days
Mrs. Kerrigan-Renon Pre K Class - 15 days

Each month the classes with the highest number of days with perfect attendance is awarded the attendance banner & attendance spirit stick and they also get to eat lunch first for the following month.

Mesa View Elementary
Pre K Classes
Our Pre K classes have several openings for new students.
If you have a child who is 4 years old as of September 1st! 
Come and see us to enroll them today! 
Birth Certificate
Current Immunization Records
Proof of Residency 
Certificate of Indian Blood (Native American)

"Bingo Basket"
November 15, 2019
Elks Lodge in Grants
6:00 to 9:00

A family outing full of fun
Great Baskets to win
Delicious Snack Bar